This past week my husband was at a conference for work. This is the first time, in a long time, that we have spent a night apart, and the first time since James was born. It was a little rough but we made it work.
This is when I really realized how much my husband does for us. I mean I knew, but I didn’t fully understand it until the morning routine had to change!
This week I had to go to the grocery store after work with a hungry baby, eat after the baby was in bed, shower at night, pack the diaper bag, pack my lunch, feed the pets, get everything all set for the next day, lock the doors, turn out the lights. Then get up at 7:00, feed the boy, feed the pets, dress the boy, take 10 quick mins to get myself ready before he started crying, pack the car, lock up the dog ect. ect.
It is amazing the amount of time everything takes once you have a baby!
I am soooooo blessed and thankful that my husband helps with everything. We have yet to eat separate due to James, usually James and daddy hangout while I cook dinner and then we all sit around the table to eat, sometimes James eats first then we eat, but we do it together lol. I also have yet to skip a shower because of having a newborn, my husband chills with him in the AM while I jump in the shower. There are so many things I read that were hard to do with a newborn that have not been thanks to all the help from my wonderful hubby!!
I’m glad your home boo, so is James! These two together are the sweetest thing!