I started this blog to share with the world our love for fashion, food and DIY!

I am from the wonderful state of Michigan! The city I am from, Grand Rapids, is full of creativity. H-dawg (the husband) and I always say it is an up and coming city. There are so many talented artists here in the city and so much inspiration, that is why I love it!

H-dawg and I are highschool sweethearts and we finally got hitched in the summer of 2010. He loves eating, and I love cooking…perfect match!about

Since we just got married, instead of having kids we got a rabbit! He is a lion head rabbit named cotton (after steimy’s brother in the original little rascals). He is my baby!aboutI just finished college after a long 4 1/2 years studying finance (finance people are not all boring i swear). I am happy to be done with school and have more time to be creative! I work full time now as an accountant, but when I get home there is nothing better than cooking a good meal and crafting 😉 I’m glad I have a place to share my ideas!